Event Details

Miss Drag Highland 2018


Saturday 29th September 2018 Mercure Hotel, Inverness

You have come this far so you must be keen..... so here is what you will be doing on stage. 3 rounds, each with a specific theme. No running away now, check them out, get your thinking cap onto your planning head and click on the button at the bottom of the page to end us your application. Excited? We are, we can't wait to meet you all and see what you all come up with. CLICK THE BUTTON.


Luscious Lingerie - Don't panic, despite the image that might be entering your head right now, lingerie does not need to be skimpy thongs and peephole bras. Think classy and creative, think or should I say google for those guys who have no idea what I am on about :-) Victorias Secret - VS runway shows are always full of creativity, the models adorn amazing headpieces, wings, backpacks etc. There are plenty less revealing lingerie options for those of you that aren't so confident or brave. We would love to see your creative imgination come through in this round. Be as classy or trashy as you like. Have a look through the pics opposite for a range of ideas, please do not copy them exactly, they are not our images and are only shown for inspiration.



Heros and Villains - Let your imagination run wild for this one. Again, be as creative as you like. Choose your favourite hero or villain from Film, TV, Book, Comic, Fairytale etc. All we ask is for the character to be fairly well known and not too obscure, it's much more fun for the audience when they can recognise who or what is on stage, and for the judges to judge of course.



Evening wear - In keeping with true pageant style, the final round is the glamorous round, but.....this is drag afterall so you can be as flamboyant as you like. The only rule is that your dress is full length. It can be big and flouncy or slinky and sparkly, but accessorize in any way you feel gives it true drag WOW factor.