Saturday 5th October 2019

Mercure Hotel, Inverness



Now that you have read all the information on our HOME page, INFO/RULES page and EVENT DETAILS page (if you haven't, don't blame us when you've roped yourself into something you're not brave enough for ;-) 

Just to recap on what you need to do click HERE

This is the last bit to chicken out at,  but please don't,  you know you want to do this, so get the form filled in NOW.

If you wish to contact us for anything else other than taking part,  for example, if your business wants to sponsor the event or you think you could help in any other way  please email us at HIGHLANDDRAGPAGEANTS@OUTLOOK.COM

Remember, In case of a huge number of entries,  we may not be able to accept everyone to take part,  in which case we will need to choose the best applications,  so make sure you convince us that we want YOU up on that stage.

What are you waiting for?  Register for our next fabulous event NOW!